Moringa Publishing is an academic research and Christian counseling service. We offer care and hope to the oppressed and marginalized through publications and direct support. Our aim is to contribute to the public good and raise awareness of important issues using a social justice lens.

Pastoral counseling & coaching. We care for women with betrayal trauma and for those experiencing mistreatment or spiritual/psychological abuse from unsafe spiritual groups or religious establishments and hyper-authoritarian religious leaders.

We also care for individuals with trauma who are recovering from firsthand or secondary cult abuse (isolation strategies, mandated shunning techniques, etc.). We raise awareness on how to recognize narcissistic abuse. We also aim to help caregivers and therapists understand dynamics of unsafe groups, spiritual abuse, cult tools and cultic abuse.

Social work & psychology research. Since 2012, Moringa Publishing has designed and published websites and books about human rights, public health, psychology, memory science, social work and Christian apologetics. As counter-cult activists, we research the dangers of cults and coercive-control groups. Also, therapy-related topics and have healthcare fraud.

Copywriting & editing. We write bios for business executives and proofread business communications. I create trauma-sensitive, evidence-based educational materials.


I’m Becky. I started Moringa Publishing as a volunteer service. I am a part of American Association of Christian Counselors’ growing effort to promote a high standard of excellence and ethics within tax-exempt religious organizations, the mental health community and government agencies. At AACC and International Board of Christian Care (IBCC), I hold several certifications: Board certified pastoral counselor and board certified mental health coach/first responder. From the University of Michigan School of Social Work, I received advanced training in practice methods, advocacy and social justice frameworks related to social work practice and a Masters Credential in Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research.

I am a certified USIDHR Human Rights Consultant and received trauma training from AACC and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM). I am not a government-licensed social worker or licensed therapist. Please view this page to learn more.

The Moringa Tree, also called the Drumstick Tree, is known for its healing and cleansing properties. Native to India and Africa, it is supposed to help ease depression and provide antioxidant properties. Some natives claim that the tree’s seeds are also purifying.

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“Social work practice [or social work research] is a public trust that requires of its practitioners: integrity, compassion, belief in the dignity and worth of human beings, respect for individual differences, a commitment to service, and a dedication to truth.” – From the NASW News (Feb. 1961), retrieved at the NASW website (January 30, 2017)