Educating the public about the risks of Bethel Sozo sessions and involvement. Offering care and support.

Is Sozo a Cult? How To Heal from Bethel Therapy

1:1 Counseling Session (peer support/pastoral counseling)

60 Minutes


*I’m willing to counsel for free at this time, as a volunteer social service, but have very limited availability.

I will help you or your loved one understand the ins-and-outs of Sozo therapy, otherwise known as Bethel Sozo. I will help you to understand the group dynamics and the cultic tools which are used in sessions.

I will give you tips to help you recover from your phony therapy experience so you can finally achieve the real wholeness and freedom you deserve.

Bring your questions about Sozo to me. I do consider myself an expert in this area, having studied Sozo since 2012.

What You’ll Get:

Help from a Christian Counselor:

  • Education, comfort and hope within a 60 minute phone session
  • Complimentary follow ups to offer care and support

Ellie R. Dixon
Counter-cult Sozo Intervention Specialist

We are counter-cult activists/educators with plenty of fieldwork and experience pertaining to Sozo. We aim for our services to be uniquely beneficial to a specific, under-recognized group of cult victims.

Our passion is to educate while being a blessing to our clients’ lives. Sozo is a memory regression therapy group which is an independent contractor of Bethel Church in Redding, California (group leader Bill Johnson).

We help individuals recover from this group.