I offer peer support and lay counseling for trauma in women. My expertise is helping women with betrayal trauma from infidelity and estrangement. Narrowing my focus even more, I prefer to help evangelical or other religious/spiritual women in this area. They are at higher risk for prolonged betrayal trauma and other adverse effects than the general population. I also care for other issues related to trauma – PTSD, depression, toxic relationships, healthy relational boundaries and narcissistic abuse recovery.

In unfaithful relationships, more than 70% of women go through trauma from sexual betrayal. This accounts for over 21 million women suffering with trauma from infidelity.

On a personal note, my first exposure to betrayal trauma was when I was eleven years old. My father had been missing for a few days. As my mother and I were driving down a busy Las Vegas highway on our way to the mall downtown, I spotted my father’s truck quickly passing us by in the opposite lane. To investigate, we followed him. I found it peculiar when I saw there was an unexpected passenger in his car. Discovering his secret years-long affair in a parking lot, I witnessed betrayal for the first time and wasn’t prepared to understand the betrayal trauma that ensued.

In the following link, a woman named Ashlynn shares the story of her husband’s betrayal, her trauma, recovery and relationship reconnection. Listen to Ashlynn’s story here.

We expect relationships to be built on trust, love, and mutual respect. Which is why the shocking discovery of betrayal in a relationship causes feelings of chaos and confusion.

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Dr. Kevin Skinner on betrayal trauma: