I love using rigorous, scientific inquiry/research methods to contribute to the depth of knowledge of certain fields of study. Social researchers try to learn the truth and educate. I aim to pay attention to science and to avoid biased/informal observations.

I use mixed-methods research which includes both quantitative and qualitative methods.

My specialty is detailed public health research of unethical and/or abusive organizations, and that includes 501(c)(3) organizations which are jeopardizing their tax-exempt status by violating their stated values and ethics, including basic human rights violations. My social change work is of public interest and of no financial or personal benefit.

The two core values that motivate me are diversity and freedom.

“Social work is informed by social science, the science of humanity, social interactions, and social structures. In other words, social work research uses organized and intentional procedures to uncover facts or truths about the social world. And social workers rely on social scientific research to promote individual and social change.” (Foundations of Social Work Research by Rebecca L. Mauldin).

“Your research and communication brought a sensitive topic to our attention and we were able to address it expediently.”

Director of a Las Vegas private school

“Thank you for caring enough to research this issue and sharing your thoughts with us. We are excited…for our staff and students.”

CEO of a Las Vegas private middle school and high school

“I value your time, leadership, courage and service to the community.”

Director of Las Vegas Middle School

” Wanted to THANK YOU for all your research as when provided to our leaders they decided to kill [the problem]…GOD BLESS YOU! ”

Jerry Dagma; July 15, 2016

“Thank you so much for this vital information! Please keep the info coming!”

Rick; August 25, 2012

“Research methods are regularly applied to solve social problems and issues that shape how our society is organized, thus you have to live with the results of research methods every day of your life.”

– Rebecca L. Mauldin